hamish tennent

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Volkswagen Inclusive Mobility

UX Research and Design

Working to maximise the positive impact of self driving technology by focusing on improving access to mobility for those excluded by existing mobility solutions, especially people with disabilities.

Facebook Portal

Early Concept UX Design Lead

Designing the UX features, frameworks and strategy to enable Facebook to step into the emerging smart home device market.

Volkswagen Group Autonomous Vehicles

Senior UX Design Technologist

Designing next generation self driving vehicles to improve tomorrows mobility landscape by bringing fully autonomous vehicles closer to reality.

Audi Advanced Driver Assist HMI

Product Designer

Designing UI/UX to deliver rapid advances in driver assistance technology in a highly constrained and safety critical environment.

Spyderbot Social Robot

Hardware and UX Design Lead

Creating a social robot and its back-end interface to enable researchers from non-technical backgrounds to create expressive complex motion behaviours.

Sparse Bicycle Accessories

Industrial Designer

End to end industrial design of new products in a small startup where speed and accuracy is needed to help the company survive.

Micbot Group Robotics Research

Research and Design Lead

Conceptualising, designing and validating a new paradigm for the UX design of social robots in groups in the academic research space.