hamish tennent

Closeup of a bicycle handlebar with the Sparse light on the stem.

Sparse Bicycle Accessories

Industrial Designer

While working at Sparse I lead the design of an anti-theft bicycle hardware and matching tool kit, redesigned the lens and internal configuration of the flagship product, and assisted on other softgoods and new interactive hardware products. Being such a small startup often we had to shepherd projects from conception right up to manufacturing. I owned a number of projects that were taken up to the point of coordination with the factory to ensure pre-production sample quality was acceptable.

2014 -> 2025
Key Methods: Industrial Design. Production Design. CAD. CMF. Quality Assurance
closeup of the front bicycle light, showing a hexagonal pattern in the light lens
Hexagonal light lens, constructed this way to give a good balance of light diffustion and brightness, without requiring too much battery.
Set of repalcement hardware bolts and matching tools for a bicycle.
Anti-theft hardware set, with replacement bolts for the bike and matching tool, which encloses head attachments for bolts.
Wrench unsuccesfully attempting to grab angled bolt head, showing anti-theft design.
Angled design of bolt head stops common bike thief tactic of using adjustable wrench or pliers to loosen bolts and steal wheels/handlebars/seats.
Project Information

Most notable was the bicycle hardware project I lead. I took the idea from a napkin sketch given to me from the founder and designed the product line and created prototypes, before becoming the person in direct contact with the manufacturing facility to ensure production was able to proceed. In particular it was a lot of fun to design and ensure the usability of the flexible silicone insert that stores parts inside the handle of the tool. This required a lot of testing with different durometer silicones as well as working with the factory to ensure the right degree of interference fitting between all the parts. Unfortunately at this point the company ran out of money and shut down all new product initiatives.