hamish tennent

Wrap around steering wheel display from the Audi Grandsphere car concept
Wrap around driver display from the Audi Grandsphere concept. Driver assistance HMi located in the centre of the display.

Audi Advanced Driver Assistance Systems HMI

Product Designer

Later in my time at Volkswagen I embedded into an Audi team focused on digital product design for advanced driver assistance functions, such as next generation Audi Adaptive Cruise Control. My work on these vehicles looked at extending existing design paradigms within the already fixed display configurations of new vehicle concepts to encompass new driver assistance features. Large multidepartment teams looked to fully reimagine the entire vehicle experience, I was responsible for driver assistance HMI within the curved driver display on the retractable steering wheel.

2020 -> 2021
Key Methods. UI/UX Design. Mental Model Mapping. User Flow Diagrams. Design Handoff.
Audi grapndsphere car concept rendering, featuring wrap around driver assistance display.
Audi grandsphere concept, featuring wrap around driver assistance display.
closeup detail of Audi current generation driver assistance HMI.
Current generation driver assistance HMI, which I helped to bring forward to accomodate new driver assistance technologies.
Project Information

Projects focused on new vehicles such as the Audi Grandsphere. There I worked closely with the interior design and display development teams to help make new interfaces for new driver assistance technologies. These required designing interfaces that shifted away from a ‘car as tool' mental models towards ‘car as collaborator' ones. What seemed to engineering teams as iterative advancements in driver assistance functions actually represented drastic changes in the drivers relationship with the vehicle. Understanding and designing for this required a deep understanding of driver behaviour. This work took place targeting vehicles with a 2-4 year release window and required close collaboration with many design, engineering, legal, sales and marketing departments.