hamish tennent

Hi! I’m Hamish

I’m a Taipei based industrial and interaction designer.

I work with large and small clients looking to shape complex new technology in a way that solves problems caused by today’s inconsiderately designed systems and products.

Using methods from UX Design, research, industrial and product design to discover how new technologies can create futures where humans have better relationships with each other and technology.

Open for opportunities, get in touch if you’d like to connect.

Born in Aotearoa New Zealand, previously working in San Francisco and New York, currently based in Taipei. 1/2 of earthbodies.

Check out my lab website for a better view inside my brain.

For a breakdown of what I’ve done:

For unfinished and ongoing experiments, check out my lab website.

Currently inspired by..

I’m active on are.na, collecting and cataloging ongoing projects and inspirations.

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